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Our curriculum is in line with the Australia curriculum. We have defined syllabus for each of the levels and students are given the opportunity to learn and progress at their own pace from one level to the next. Our teachers are equipped with lesson plans, books, and other teaching resources to provide our students a valuable learning experience.



Paathshala has developed its syllabus for 7 levels, which are based on Australian Hindi syllabus by ACARA. It starts from the Foundation for beginners, and then gradually progressing to Level 6, as the knowledge is expanded. From 2023 we will be offering secondary level courses under the new WA Hindi curriculum . At Paathshala we offer online classes , private one to one tuitions and classes for mature age students as well .



At Paathshala we place a lot of importance to cultural learning and performances. We believe that it is an important part of the curriculum. Children participate in end of the Year concert Phulwari and also at Hindi Diwas celebrations. At Indradhanush they get an opportunity to share a bigger platform with various artists. They take part in art & translation competitions. They also get an opportunity to present Hindi Radio Program.



Our Term dates coincides with WA School terms which is about 10 weeks each.  Classes are held during school terms for two hours on Sunday mornings.  

Where can MOE registered Primary & Secondary students study Hindi?

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